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Walt Mossberg Misses the Point?

Walt Mossberg, the respected Wall Street Journal personal technology columnist, has a “review” of Apple’s latest version of iWork over on All Things Digital. I’m biased, but I feel he has missed the point in comparing iWork 08 with Microsoft Office for the Mac. iWork is quite clearly targeted at a different audience to theContinue Reading ›

Perfect Advertising?

In case you hadn’t realised my previous post Just when I thought I was over you was an ode to the iPhone. Signals vs. Noise has a very interesting post in which they say that one of the iPhone adverts is “perfect advertising”. You know what they could be right. I was very definitely overContinue Reading ›

Jonathan Ive CBE

Jonathan Ive, Apple’s design overlord, has been awarded a CBE in the New Years Honours list. It’s fantastic to see the importance of design being recognised. Jonathan Ive is responsible (with a little input from Steve Jobs I’m sure) for the iMac, Cube, iBook, Powerbook, Mini and of course the iPod range. Apple are renownContinue Reading ›

Top 5 of 2005

Yes another Top X of 2005 listing… Top 5 Events 1. The Birth of my son 2. Celebrating 15 years with and 5 years married to my beautiful wife 3. Spending hours bobbing around in the Med with my daughter Jasmine 4. Finally buying a Mac 5. So many others… Top 5 Albums 1. StarsContinue Reading ›

Things Ain’t What They Used to Be

I was beginning to wonder if I was just unlucky or fussy or both as almost everything I buy these days seems to be faulty when I get it home or goes wrong quickly; I’m pleased to see that I am not alone. I mentioned this to a friend after his second Apple Powerbook powerContinue Reading ›