Top 5 of 2005

Yes another Top X of 2005 listing…

Top 5 Events

1. The Birth of my son
2. Celebrating 15 years with and 5 years married to my beautiful wife
3. Spending hours bobbing around in the Med with my daughter Jasmine
4. Finally buying a Mac
5. So many others…

Top 5 Albums

1. Stars of CCTV – Hard Fi
2. Employment – Kaiser Chiefs
3. Hold Your Colour – Pendulum
4. Aerial – Kate Bush
5. ‘64 – ‘95 – Lemon Jelly

An honourable mention goes to Underworld who have released their first new material for ages in the last couple of months. The River Run Project is not a new album as such; there are currently two tracks totalling almost an hour of music so they just sneak in…

Very difficult to choose 5. This is just 5 that were released in 2005; I have found so many more great albums this year – some old, some new and some revisited.

Top 5 Books Read

1. First Light – Geoffrey Wellum
2. Tail End Charlies – John Nichol & Tony Rennel
3. Pattern Recognition – William Gibson
4. Fermat’s Last Theorem – Simon Singh
5. 15 Inspector Rebus novels – Ian Rankin

Doing this really makes me think of High Fidelity by Nick Hornby – if you have read it you’ll know what I mean…