About Me

Hello, I’m David Hughes. I live in Buckinghamshire, England with my lovely wife and our two incredible children.

David Hughes

I love the coast, but couldn’t live further away.

I feel most calm looking out over the sea from a Cornish beach.

It’s been said that Cornwall is my spiritual home.

I’m just as smitten by Menorca – the Cornwall of Spain.

I love great coffee, some might say to obsession.

I believe that whisky is the water of life, and beer may be proof that God exists and wants us to be happy.

I love curry of all kinds, but especially my Mother In Law’s fabulous cooking.

I adore Spanish food and wine.

Honestly, I just love food and drink, and eating out.

I enjoy travelling, both the getting to and the being there.

I love cities, particularly London, Paris and Barcelona.

I can’t wait to return to New York and Tokyo.

If Cornwall is my spiritual home, then London is my second home.

My wife believes I navigate London solely by pubs and bars, this may or may not be true.

I love good books and great writing.

I can’t imagine life without music.

I am a stationery addict.

I’m half of the team behind MK Geek Night.