Perfect Advertising?

In case you hadn’t realised my previous post Just when I thought I was over you was an ode to the iPhone.

Signals vs. Noise has a very interesting post in which they say that one of the iPhone adverts is “perfect advertising”.

You know what they could be right.

I was very definitely over the iPhone until I saw those adverts but even more interesting and significant was the reaction of my 5 year old daughter who happened to be in the study when I watched them earlier today.

Her reaction?

“wow that’s cool”

“it’s got no buttons”

“you’re computer does that” (referring to Coverflow)

I found it interesting because she is going to be the target audience for future iPhones and those the seek to copy it. She accepted the the idea of a “buttonless” phone instantly and without question. She seemed to grasp how you could interact with the phone as quickly.

In the very near future we could have a generation that has never used a phone with buttons… cool.