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It’s the Little Details

Apple has a deserved reputation for for producing beautifully designed and made hardware. The iMac, the MacBook Air, the iPhone all are simply wonderful to use and to look at. But their appeal is more than just the surface; yes they look lovely on the shelf but it’s when you start to use them youContinue Reading ›

Walt Mossberg Misses the Point?

Walt Mossberg, the respected Wall Street Journal personal technology columnist, has a “review” of Apple’s latest version of iWork over on All Things Digital. I’m biased, but I feel he has missed the point in comparing iWork 08 with Microsoft Office for the Mac. iWork is quite clearly targeted at a different audience to theContinue Reading ›

Improving My Memory

I’ve just upgraded the memory on my iMac from 512Mb to 1Gb. and it was amazingly easy. Just undo three screws that hold the back of the iMac on, remove the back, pop out the old memory stick, pop in the new sticks, replace the back, do up the three screws, cross your fingers andContinue Reading ›

I Heart iSync

I’ve just synced my 6680 with my Mac using iSync, and I’ve got to say how much I like iSync. Wan to know why I like iSync so much? It just works… each and every time I use it. I recognise this may be part due to the 6680 also as I did have issuesContinue Reading ›

Coolness in Powerpoint…

Whatever next? Working from home the other day I had a Powerpoint presentation to write so decided to do so on my Mac Mini rather than my nasty Windows Stinkpad. It reminded me how much better MS Office is on the Mac than on Windows and how much easier working on OS X is; I’mContinue Reading ›