Coolness in Powerpoint…

Whatever next?

Working from home the other day I had a Powerpoint presentation to write so decided to do so on my Mac Mini rather than my nasty Windows Stinkpad.

It reminded me how much better MS Office is on the Mac than on Windows and how much easier working on OS X is; I’m amazed how much more effective OS X is. This was confirmed yesterday by a colleague struggling to get an animated gif into Powerpoint on XP – we just could not do it, on the Mac we’d have just dragged it in.

Anyway, I was saving my presentation when I noticed an option in the menu: Save As Movie so I tried it out. It saves your Powerpoint presentation as a Quicktime .mov movie complete with animation, transitions and music if used. Amazing.

This may be because I have Quicktime Pro but even still what a great piece of functionality.