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I’m a Big Sister, and I’m a Girl, and I’m a Princess, and This is My Horse

Underworld have released another new track in The RiverRun Project; their brilliant online only project. Whilst Underworld work on their new album, due out next year, they are releasing tracks of almost album length directly from their website. The new track is titled I’m A Big Sister, And I’m A Girl, And I’m A Princess,Continue Reading ›

Of Music Downloads and MP3 Players

I received a response from albeit a standard email. It seems I have to use Windows Media Player to transfer the downloaded files to my Rio Karma. I suppose if I’d of thought about it I would have realised this as it must way they control the DRM on the files. I have nowContinue Reading ›

Music Download Problem Continued

I decided to email Tesco about the problem I had with the download from their music download store. I don’t want a refund just an explanation. So far the only reply has been to tell me that they are having email problems and that a reply could take seven days. Is 7 days acceptable forContinue Reading ›

I’ve Just Bought My First Legal Music Download…

and it confirmed why I have never done so before and will not do so again. I’ve not paid for any music downloads until today. I read in Stuff magazine that Tescos (yes Tescos) now have their own music download store; this seemed an amazing diversification for a supermarket chain but what really caught myContinue Reading ›

Time to Change My MP3 Player – the Ashtray Is Full

Actually the device itself is almost full with just over 1Gb of free space. For me the joy of a high capacity music player is that I can have my entire music collection with me at all times. So I don’t want to manage that collection; deciding what will and won’t be loaded onto theContinue Reading ›

Are MP3 Players Too Focused on Storage?

The BBC has a very interesting article on their website about the sound quality of MP3 players or rather the fact that very few buyers and manufacturers talk about that aspect of the players. Here’s a taste: When did you last read anything about an MP3 music player that mentioned the quality of the soundContinue Reading ›