Of Music Downloads and MP3 Players

I received a response from TescoDownload.com albeit a standard email. It seems I have to use Windows Media Player to transfer the downloaded files to my Rio Karma.

I suppose if I’d of thought about it I would have realised this as it must way they control the DRM on the files. I have now transferred the track to my Karma – sadly it doesn’t sound very good at least not as good as those I have ripped myself with WMP 10.

Speaking of not sounding very good… I bought a Creative Zen Touch 40Gb at the weekend and was rather disappointed.

The user interface is not very good and a number of buttons are used to reach tracks and settings; both the iPod and the Rio Karma have more elegant and easier to use UIs. The Zen Touch does not show up as a hard drive in windows so you are required to use the supplied software; as with the iPod and Rio Karma. However whilst iTunes is fantastic and Rio Music Manager is good the supplied Creative software is terrible. I mean really, really bad: slow, ugly, not intuitive and just downright awful.

What really surprised me was the sound quality; it was at best average. This really surprised me as the Creative products I have used in the past have always been excellent. The sound from my Zen Touch was thin, sibilant and too ‘trebley’ – there was even hiss present.

Very disappointing indeed – so it was returned.

The quest for my next music player continues. I have to hope that either Rio produce a 40Gb Karma or that Apple produce a PoweriPod.

I don’t want a colour screen; I want at least 40Gb, great sound and a small form factor with an ‘insanely great’ user interface.

Come on… somebody must want to build such a device…