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Steve Jobs

I was up rather late last night, and thought I’d check Twitter on my iPad one last time before heading to bed. I did so just as the news of Steve Jobs passing away hit Twitter; somehow it felt fitting to be watching people express their sadness and thanks on one of the amazing devices Continue Reading

Tears On The Train

The woman opposite me on the train is listening to her iPod. Half way through the trip I happen to look up and see a single tear roll down her cheek. She notices and wipes away the tear. No more tears follow.

MacWorld 2008 Speculation – I’m Pretty Pleased

I followed Steve Jobs’ Keynote from MacWorld today on my iPhone via MacRumors excellent page and have just watched the Keynote video from the Apple site and whilst it wasn’t an iPhone year but it was still a good year. However, before we get into what was announced I just have to ask – can Continue Reading

Travelling Again

Business trips are like buses… you don’t go on any for ages and then two turn up together. In about 12 hours I leave Heathrow for almost a week in sunny Phoenix. There has been all sort of malarkey with booking flights and hotels as Phoenix seems to be full this week. It’s worked out Continue Reading

Jonathan Ive CBE

Jonathan Ive, Apple’s design overlord, has been awarded a CBE in the New Years Honours list. It’s fantastic to see the importance of design being recognised. Jonathan Ive is responsible (with a little input from Steve Jobs I’m sure) for the iMac, Cube, iBook, Powerbook, Mini and of course the iPod range. Apple are renown Continue Reading

Release the Sound of Your iPod

Because of the bloody French, European iPods have a very low and very annoying volume limit. Back off Brussels!  I’m a grown up and can operate a volume control. Sorry… thankfully it’s possible to hack the firmware on the iPod and remove this Nanny State nastiness. To do so is pretty tricky but some very Continue Reading

Things Ain’t What They Used to Be

I was beginning to wonder if I was just unlucky or fussy or both as almost everything I buy these days seems to be faulty when I get it home or goes wrong quickly; I’m pleased to see that I am not alone. I mentioned this to a friend after his second Apple Powerbook power Continue Reading

Interesting Reading

I’ve now imported all the entries from my old Blogger blog that I think are worth republishing and they make for interesting reading. My blog is a year old on May 26th and it’s amazing to see how much has changed for me in that period. I have, as predicted, gone back to a PDA Continue Reading

Of Music Downloads and MP3 Players

I received a response from albeit a standard email. It seems I have to use Windows Media Player to transfer the downloaded files to my Rio Karma. I suppose if I’d of thought about it I would have realised this as it must way they control the DRM on the files. I have now Continue Reading