MacWorld 2008 Speculation – I’m Pretty Pleased

I followed Steve Jobs’ Keynote from MacWorld today on my iPhone via MacRumors excellent page and have just watched the Keynote video from the Apple site and whilst it wasn’t an iPhone year but it was still a good year.

However, before we get into what was announced I just have to ask – can you name any other corporation that you would watch a keynote from it’s CEO? Amazing… and I have to say Steve Jobs is the best corporate public speaker I’ve ever seen. The demand for the keynote coverage was so high in fact that Twitter disappeared before it even started and TUAW took out an AOL data centre.

Anyway, to MacWorld 2008 – my guess was “home media networking”.

and we got that in full effect with the new Apple TV. The original Apple TV didn’t appeal to me much but this new “Take 2” looks a much more complete and well thought out product.

Apple’s next target is most definitely your living room.

What other goodies did Steve reveal?

  • The Time Capsule – a wireless NAS backup hard drive and wifi router. Great idea; I’m in the market for a new backup drive so this looks very interesting.
  • iPhone 1.1.3 software update. I’ve updated mine and in addition to all the new features it feels a little quicker to. I like that they call this the January update implying that there are more to come in future months.
  • iPod Touch update – 5 new apps for $20. Not sure how I feel about the charge but it is a very significant update.
  • Apple TV “Take 2” – looks like a nice product. Marks Apple’s new direction in addition to more traditional Apple products; who’d of thought we’d call the iPod traditional a few years ago?
  • MacBook Air – yes the rumours were true but they didn’t guess just how thin and downright slinky the new MacBook Air is. It is stunning. I’m planning on getting a new MacBook this year and that will most definitely be it, but not the SSD version… HOW MUCH?

And that was MacWorld 2008, no “one last thing” but plenty of “booms” and an accurate prediction for yours truly.

Now to bed perchance to dream…of the MacBook Air…