I’ve Just Bought My First Legal Music Download…

and it confirmed why I have never done so before and will not do so again.

I’ve not paid for any music downloads until today. I read in Stuff magazine that Tescos (yes Tescos) now have their own music download store; this seemed an amazing diversification for a supermarket chain but what really caught my eye was that the downloads are 192Kbps WMA files – my chosen music format.

So I thought I’d have a look tonight.

The store itself is fairly unremarkable and in fact is rather unattractive. However, I saw that they have the new Chemical Brothers single Galvanise available and at only 79 pence I thought I’d make my first music download purchase.

The purchase itself went well, I downloaded the file without any problems and Windows Media Player 10 played the track with no problems at all.

However, I am unable to transfer the track to my Rio Karma.

Rio Music Manager says that my Rio is no longer connected. WMP can’t see my Rio at all for some reason – although has in the past. RioRad from Red Chair software was able to transfer the track but now my Karma cannot play it.

Either I am doing something wrong or downloaded music with the associated DRM sucks even more than I thought.