Time to Change My MP3 Player – the Ashtray Is Full

Actually the device itself is almost full with just over 1Gb of free space.

For me the joy of a high capacity music player is that I can have my entire music collection with me at all times. So I don’t want to manage that collection; deciding what will and won’t be loaded onto the player – you can guarantee the day I really fancy listening Frank Black for example I’ll have not transferred him across.

So I’ve been pondering a new 40Gb player and tonight made my decision – the Creative Zen Touch 40Gb is the new player for me. Only problem being it doesn’t appear to be available in the UK yet.

The Zen Touch is Creative’s latest player and is rather influenced by a certain other MP3 player on the market.

I was next to a chap on the train tonight with the current 20Gb model and got talking to him about it and had a play.

I thought that the Zen Touch was going to be a large player like the older Zen players but it is very compact; slightly thicker than an iPod but not as tall. I personally found the proportions more pleasing.

The build quality is excellent with the back being aluminium and the front a mix of metal and plastic. The screen is very good and the user interface also good.

The ‘touch’ strip works very well and being made by Creative it sounds great (unlike the iPod).

So Creative hurry up and bring the 40Gb version into the UK.