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Winning Awards For mybarclaycard Design

mybarclaycard is Barclaycard’s new online card account management site which launched late last year. I led the User Experience and User Interface design and development, and believe we created a unique and revolutionary site years ahead of Barclaycard’s competitors. So it is nice to see mybarclaycard being recognised, and winning awards in both the financialContinue Reading ›

Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness

I love my iPhone, I really do, but every now and then I find myself hankering for something simpler, smaller and well just different. I think the new Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness could stop that hankering. The display is monochrome (gasp) but also transparent as demonstrated in this video: The keyboard is invisible until activated;Continue Reading ›

Google Quick Search – The New Quicksilver

I’m playing with a cool new app on my Mac that shows great promise: Google Quick Search Box. Developed by Nicholas Jitkoff, the developer behind the once great, but now sadly orphaned Quicksliver, Google Quick Search aims to combine Google Search with Spotlight search in one package. But, as with Quicksilver Google Quick Search isContinue Reading ›

WordPress 2.7

A few days ago I upgraded to the newly released, and latest version of WordPress: 2.7. When I saw the first shots of the new dashboard and IA for WordPress 2.7 I was  concerned that the changes were too great and perhaps not being done for the right reasons: change for changes sake. ButContinue Reading ›

Google Adds Tasks to Gmail

You may have seen the news that Google has added a tasks application to its Gmail email service.Well the even better news is that since they recently added Google Labs to Google Apps email I get to play with it also. I’ve tried a number of task apps over the years and not found oneContinue Reading ›


Jon Hicks has just launched Helvetireader a wonderfully minimalist yet superbly usable theme for Google Reader. I’ve used Google Reader as my RSS application of choice despite it’s rather cluttered and ugly interface; I mean what is it with Google and pale blue? Anyway, I’ve tried the Better GReader plug-in and a few other themesContinue Reading ›