Google Quick Search – The New Quicksilver

I’m playing with a cool new app on my Mac that shows great promise: Google Quick Search Box.

Google Quick Search Box

Developed by Nicholas Jitkoff, the developer behind the once great, but now sadly orphaned Quicksliver, Google Quick Search aims to combine Google Search with Spotlight search in one package. But, as with Quicksilver Google Quick Search is able to do much more than just launch apps and documents allowing you to drill down and carry out actions with your data; for example moving a document to a different folder.

Google Quick Search Box Open

I say that Google Quick Search shows promise because this release is described as a developer release; I’ve had a few crashes and also found it unable to play a track or artist in iTunes. This aside I have also found it more intuitive and easier to use than Quicksilver. With Quicksilver I did little more than launch apps but I can see myself using Google Quick Search for much more as it develops.