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It’s a Swindle

The Italian Grand Prix takes place today at Monza. It is widely expected that Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher will announce his retirement from F1 today after the race. If he does so this would be his last Italian Grand Prix in a Ferrari. There have been many decisions taken by the F1 authorities in recentContinue Reading ›

How Many Blades Do You Need?

I’ve just read about Gillette’s new razor the ‘Fusion’ – this thing has five blades PLUS a sixth blade on the rear for ‘precision trimming’. For Pete’s sake how many blades do you need? Well I’ll tell you. One. When I started shaving as a teenager I hated it; I had terrible razor rash, andContinue Reading ›

Things Ain’t What They Used to Be

I was beginning to wonder if I was just unlucky or fussy or both as almost everything I buy these days seems to be faulty when I get it home or goes wrong quickly; I’m pleased to see that I am not alone. I mentioned this to a friend after his second Apple Powerbook powerContinue Reading ›

Lost Wallet = Stolen Cash

I had lunch today with a friend that works within the rail industry and used to work for the London Underground. I was telling about my lost wallet stolen cash situation and it seems that is very common amongst pick pockets. At one station he managed they had a set of doors that were notContinue Reading ›

Yes I lost My Wallet…

But why does that make it OK to steal my cash? Last night I got a late train back from London following a business dinner. Having been to a “posh” restaurant I was still hungry so bought a beer and a sandwich on the train. Unfortunately I didn’t put my wallet back into my pocketContinue Reading ›