Yes I lost My Wallet…

But why does that make it OK to steal my cash?

Last night I got a late train back from London following a business dinner. Having been to a “posh” restaurant I was still hungry so bought a beer and a sandwich on the train. Unfortunately I didn’t put my wallet back into my pocket properly or in trying to get comfy on the train I managed to push it up out of my rear trouser pocket.

Anyway, I get off at my station and on the way to the taxi realise it’s gone. Luckily I had enough change for my cab so I didn’t have to disturb my family.

I got home at 0030 and phoned the train company to see if I could get somebody to check for my wallet. I held at position 1 in the queue for 20 minutes and then gave up. Do you think they actually have anybody taking calls at that time of night? Would I have been number 1 until 9am the next morning? If they don’t take calls that late at night then switch the damn queue off.

However calling my banks and American Express was much better – all my cards were cancelled within 10 minutes.

I was called this morning by Wolverhampton railway station to tell me that my wallet had been handed in. All the cards were there but not the cash.

Why is it acceptable to take the cash? The cards I can replace but not the cash.

To be honest I wasn’t that worried about the cards or even the cash really; the thing I was most upset about losing were the photos of my daughter so I’ll be very pleased to get those back.