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Can’t Read Can’t Write

I’ve just watched the first episode of Can’t Read Can’t Write a new documentary series on Channel 4. The series follows a group of adults aged between 21 and 58 that can’t as the title says read or write. I am shocked and disgusted that a person can be allowed to leave school without evenContinue Reading ›

Severely Dissapointed

My wife and I were due to take our little girl to see the Terracotta Warriors exhibition at the British Museum tomorrow but upon checking the museum’s website tonight we found that the exhibition is closed tomorrow for “security reasons”. Tomorrow is the last day of the exhibition (yes I know we should have goneContinue Reading ›

An Open Letter on the Subject of Customer Service

Dear readers, customer and company representatives, I am sick and tired of bad service. Not of bad products and goods but of the service that supports those products or is the product itself. I am fed up with you seeing me as an annoyance, as something that costs you money to provide a service toContinue Reading ›

No More Giant Leaps

I was very sad to read that Walter ‘Wally’ Schirra has passed away. Wally was the only astronaut to fly on the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space missions and whilst he never walked on the moon his Apollo 7 mission was a vital step towards that incredible achievement. Of the 12 men that walked onContinue Reading ›

Dear Boston

I’ve always fancied visiting Boston but following this weeks events you’ve dropped way down my ‘To Vist’ list as it would seem you are populated by deeply paranoid and not very bright people. Here’s a clue Boston… if a terrorist is going to plant bombs across your city they probably aren’t going to make themContinue Reading ›

It’s a Swindle

The Italian Grand Prix takes place today at Monza. It is widely expected that Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher will announce his retirement from F1 today after the race. If he does so this would be his last Italian Grand Prix in a Ferrari. There have been many decisions taken by the F1 authorities in recentContinue Reading ›