Severely Dissapointed

My wife and I were due to take our little girl to see the Terracotta Warriors exhibition at the British Museum tomorrow but upon checking the museum’s website tonight we found that the exhibition is closed tomorrow for “security reasons”.


Tomorrow is the last day of the exhibition (yes I know we should have gone earlier but we wanted the day to be part of my wife’s birthday which was earlier this week) so we now will be unable to see the terracotta warriors in this country.

My first thought was that the museum just wanted to pack up early but then it dawned on me that tomorrow is the day the Olympic flame travels through London and that significant protests against the Chinese actions in Tibet are expected.

I fully support Tibet and abhor the recent actions of China but am saddened that the risk to these Chinese artefacts is so great that the exhibition must be closed early. That somebody would attack and damage such a global treasure saddens me almost as much and China’s human rights abuses.

It’s a messed up world out there…