Dear Boston

I’ve always fancied visiting Boston but following this weeks events you’ve dropped way down my ‘To Vist’ list as it would seem you are populated by deeply paranoid and not very bright people.

Here’s a clue Boston… if a terrorist is going to plant bombs across your city they probably aren’t going to make them very obvious by covering them in bright blue LEDs in the shape of an amusing cartoon character.

Come on; how stupid and paranoid can you be?

The same marketing campaign was run in a total of 10 cities across the USA but only you had a collective paranoid freak out.

What annoys me even more than the stunning stupidity and paranoia (have I mentionned paranoia?) is that the chaps behind this are consistently called ‘hoaxers’ as if they had wanted to pass their marketing devices off as bombs. If you or I were going to build a hoax bomb I suspect it would look a little more like the usual Hollywood version… you know sticks of dynamite and TNT with a loud ticking alarm clock and some curly wires ready for the hero to cut? Or maybe one of those fancy new liquid bombs were two liquids mix together to devastating effect?

Here’s a video of the ‘hoaxer’ terrorists. Do they look like bombs to you?