30 Years of Hurt*

We all had one… that one toy you really wanted as a kid but for one reason or another sadly never received.

You may have carried feelings of injustice and longing ever since or you may have been lucky enough to find the missing toy as an adult.

For me that toy was the Evel Knieval stunt bike; everyone else seemed to have one but not me…

In an attempt to find my own Evel Knieval stunt bike I’ve looked on eBay but they fetch silly money on there as apparently they are collectable… collect be damned I just wanna play with it. I’ve even checked second hand shops and charity shops… all to no avail.

But today… everything changes… today I can finally put all this behind me – an Evel Knieval stunt bike can at last be mine.

The Evel Knieval stunt bike is available for sale again. Made from the original moulds and for a mere £29.99 does life get any better? Where is my credit card?

Looking just like the original and complete with trademark jump-suit and helmet, Evel (I feel I can now call him Evel) comes with new ‘Official’ accessories and even jumps.

I feel a sense of peace and calm I’ve not felt since 1977 when I saw Star Wars for the first time.

*Not really Mum… but if you are reading this it’s not too late you know… I’ve been a good boy honest.