An Obsession Shared…

For a long time I have enjoyed reading Ink Quest which features the experiences, trials and tribulations of a fellow obsessive’s search for the perfect fountain pen ink. It made me feel so much better to realise that there others out there who are perhaps slightly more obsessive even than I.

However, I feel I may have acted rashly in sharing my latest obsession with my friend at Ink Quest for it seems obsessions may be contagious.

And what is your latest obsession I hear you ask? Why, it’s the wonderful world of typography I answer.

Having been involved in design both online and offline for literally some years I have always been fascinated by typography and fonts but only recently taken the time to learn about in any real detail. However, since doing so I have seen that interest mutate and grow into a fully fledged obsession…

Once you begin to look at and think about typography you can do nothing else but… it’s everywhere you look, and in everything you do, and it is wonderful.

I’ve just read Type: The Secret History of Letters by Simon Loxley which is a great introduction to the history of type; from Gutenberg to the most recent digital typefaces and the amazing characters that have created some of the typefaces you see every day and are reading here.

Next on my reading list is The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst which I have seen recommended by many type gurus and looks to be a suitable next step on the road to type enlightenment.

I am also looking forward to a UK screening (I hope) of Helvetica a film about one of the classic 20th century typefaces which is celebrating it’s 50th birthday this year.