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Week Notes – 01.12.19

I’m playing with the idea of publishing Week Notes  – a quick summary of the week that was. This week has been all about great films and new music. The Lunchbox – A delightful Indian film that follows a Tiffin tin as it travels between a woman stuck in an unhappy marriage and unhappy man Continue Reading

Baby Driver – Cars, Choreography & Cool

I’ve always thought that when it comes to watching films expectation can be a double edged sword. Go in with high expectations and so often you’ll be disappointed, go in with low or no expectations and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Baby Driver was a victim of high expectations the first time I watched it; I Continue Reading

Bond Meets Q

As a life long Bond fan I’ve hugely enjoyed Daniel Craig’s time as Bond. From Casino Royale, which remained remarkably close to Ian Fleming’s first book, through to Skyfall,  Spectre and upcoming ‘Bond 25’ which includes the amazing Phoebe Waller-Bridge amongst the writing talent . Skyfall is both my favourite Bond film and one of Continue Reading

About Time

“I just try to live every day, as though I’ve deliberately come back to this day to enjoy it, as though it was the last full final day of my extraordinary ordinary life”

The Epitome of Cool

The Spy Who Loved Me Opening Sequence

When I was seven my Mum and I spent a weekend with my Aunt and Uncle at their flat in Harrow. My Uncle was evidently tasked with entertaining me whilst my Mum caught up with her sister and he wisely decided upon the cinema. We were queueing to buy our tickets for a long forgotten Continue Reading