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I’ve been looking for a new theme for my blog for months, and found nothing that matched my fairly simple, yet exacting, requirements, so I thought I’d try and build my own. Now given my rather patchy knowledge of HTML and CSS, and my non-existent knowledge of WordPress I knew this would be tricky – Continue Reading

Lettering Process: Frank Ortmann

As somebody that can barely write legibly I find this utterly enthralling. Via The Ministry of Type


Jon Hicks has just launched Helvetireader a wonderfully minimalist yet superbly usable theme for Google Reader. I’ve used Google Reader as my RSS application of choice despite it’s rather cluttered and ugly interface; I mean what is it with Google and pale blue? Anyway, I’ve tried the Better GReader plug-in and a few other themes Continue Reading

Seeing the Signs

I love this signage created for a carpark in Melbourne, Australia. So often car parks have unclear or confusing signage but there’s no missing them here; in fact the down sign looks as if you might crash into it.

That’s How I Roll

Brilliant cartoon from The Rut. Via Hicksdesign

I’m Flattered

I’ll preface this post by saying I should probably tag it with “ego” and “ego-centric” but hey… Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had some really nice feedback on, all of which has meant a lot to me. First, I had a lovely compliment on my writing. Then, a compliment of my use Continue Reading

An Obsession Shared…

For a long time I have enjoyed reading Ink Quest which features the experiences, trials and tribulations of a fellow obsessive’s search for the perfect fountain pen ink. It made me feel so much better to realise that there others out there who are perhaps slightly more obsessive even than I. However, I feel I Continue Reading