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I’ve been looking for a new theme for my blog for months, and found nothing that matched my fairly simple, yet exacting, requirements, so I thought I’d try and build my own. Now given my rather patchy knowledge of HTML and CSS, and my non-existent knowledge of WordPress I knew this would be tricky –Continue Reading ›

Lettering Process: Frank Ortmann

As somebody that can barely write legibly I find this utterly enthralling. Via The Ministry of Type


Jon Hicks has just launched Helvetireader a wonderfully minimalist yet superbly usable theme for Google Reader. I’ve used Google Reader as my RSS application of choice despite it’s rather cluttered and ugly interface; I mean what is it with Google and pale blue? Anyway, I’ve tried the Better GReader plug-in and a few other themesContinue Reading ›

Seeing the Signs

I love this signage created for a carpark in Melbourne, Australia. So often car parks have unclear or confusing signage but there’s no missing them here; in fact the down sign looks as if you might crash into it.

That’s How I Roll

Brilliant cartoon from The Rut. Via Hicksdesign