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Fantastic Customer Service

I’ve had the most fantastic piece of customer service ever in the last week. Recently I decided that enough was enough and returned my Mont Blanc fountain pen for a refund; a pen I’d wanted since I was in my early twenties. When I was out of work just over two years ago I promisedContinue Reading ›

Very Disappointing

I finished work early on Friday and headed across London to the very lovely Apple Store on Regents street. I was standing around for waiting for the usual email checking foreign student to clear off so I could have a last confirmatory play with a 20” iMac when a member of staff approached me. UponContinue Reading ›

Of Music Downloads and MP3 Players

I received a response from albeit a standard email. It seems I have to use Windows Media Player to transfer the downloaded files to my Rio Karma. I suppose if I’d of thought about it I would have realised this as it must way they control the DRM on the files. I have nowContinue Reading ›

Music Download Problem Continued

I decided to email Tesco about the problem I had with the download from their music download store. I don’t want a refund just an explanation. So far the only reply has been to tell me that they are having email problems and that a reply could take seven days. Is 7 days acceptable forContinue Reading ›

Does Nobody Care About Service Anymore?

I called my local cinema yesterday (part of a major chain) to book tickets for a show that night. Up until now when you called to book tickets the phone was answered by a person who quickly took my booking and I could then collect my tickets from a machine in the cinema foyer. NotContinue Reading ›