Project52 Problems

When I signed up to Project52 last year I felt that having had a recent resurgance in my blogging I would have no problems writing a post a week or more, but I’m sitting here in week one and can think of nothing to write. I don’t want to write quick link posts or embed videos just to meet my weekly quota; although it is of course debatable whether writing about not writing is any better.

What I hadn’t allowed for when I signed up was starting a new job which I did just before Christmas. I’m once again commuting to London, which I have in the past mused about being a muse, but this time my days are longer and my job more demanding. Sadly London Midland now use cattle trucks rather than carriages so there is no opportunity to write on the train, and for the first time in recent memory I have no interest in sitting in front of my computer when I get home.

Sadly I fear that I may be falling at the first hurdle for Project52 which for me might just be Project1.