UK Snow

The UK has been plunged into snowy chaos this week with some of the lowest temperatures I can remember, and up to 2 feet of snow in some places. Where I live we have four to six inches of snow, but even that has still made it impossible to drive; the main roads are passable, but the roads around our house are now frozen, compacted snow and thus very slippery. Even getting on and off the driveway has proved tricky.

For the last two days I have worked from home, but today I made it into the office in London where the is no snow; not a single flake. I commute by train and there is deep, crisp and even snow all the way down from my home to Euston station in North London, but not a flake to be seen in the West End. As I sit here it’s hard to believe that there is so  much snow at home.

This stunning image from NASA shows just how snowy the UK is this week: