Apple Live Photos Inspired by Blade Runner

The recently released iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have a new feature called Live Photos which captures a moment of motion before and after your still photograph.

live photo example

A still photo captures an instant frozen in time. With Live Photos, you can turn those instants into unforgettable living memories. At the heart of a Live Photo is a beautiful 12-megapixel photo. But together with that photo are the moments just before and after it was taken, captured with movement and sound.

In almost every review of the new iPhones I’ve read, Live Photos are likened to the moving images in The Daily Prophet the newspaper from the Harry Potter novels.

sirius black moving photograph

But these reviews are all missing the real inspiration for Live Photos which surely has to be the original ‘live photo’ that appears in Ridley Scott’s fabulous Blade Runner. Photographs play a central part to the plot of Blade Runner, taking on even greater significance for the replicants than for humans representing false memories implanted by the Tyrell Corporation.

The appearance of the ‘live photo’ is a wonderfully subtle moment in the film, the first time you see it you aren’t quite sure you did “wait, did that photo just move?” rewind and yes there it is – the original Live Photo.

More Apple than Apple, that’s our motto.

Brian Eno – John Peel Lecture

Brian Eno portrait

“Children learn through play. Adults learn through art.”

I’ve just watched the 2015 John Peel Lecture given this year by Brian Eno, and it was the most thought provoking hour of television I can remember seeing in along time.

A fascinating discussion of art, culture and humanity – Eno is clearly a deep thinker as well as a musical genius.

The show is available on the BBC iPlayer until the end of October and I urge you to take an hour to watch an think about the points Eno makes before it disappears. The BBC have also made a transcript available as a slightly more permanent PDF.

Eno quotes a number of books during his lecture, BBC 6 Music have kindly tweeted a reading list.

The Coldest March – An Inspiring Film From Brother Cycles

Millican tweeted a link to this incredible film from Brother Cycles earlier today. What they achieve is remarkable, inspiring and makes for surprisingly emotional viewing. Even if you aren’t into cycling it’s well worth watching.

Learn to Fly – Rockin 1000

1000 musicians play Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters to ask Dave Grohl to come and play in Cesena, Italy.

Bloody marvellous!

I Can Jungle Boogie!

That’s What I Like

That’s What I Like by Chas and Dave was one of Bradley Wiggin’s Desert Island Discs (Spotify), and it’s a work of feel good cockney genius only rivalled by Reasons to Be Cheerful Pt. 3 by Ian Dury and The Blockheads – which was also on Wiggo’s Desert Island playlist. Enjoy…