The Scum Career Development Model

I watched Scum for the first time recently. It is a great film, tough to watch in places, and confirmed to me what I had always suspected – I wouldn’t last 10 minutes in prison.

However, it did make me think about the hierarchical, structured environment in which I find myself daily – the corporate world. How interesting would work be if ‘prison rules’ applied to the workplace?

For example I could decide that I want to run my department; now normally that means working my way to the top through hardwork and ‘networking’ over some years but not with ‘prison rules’.

Under the “Scum Career Development Model” I would simply need to find the VP and batter him round the head with two snooker balls in a sock.

The Senior VP would be in the toilets (if copying Scum exactly) and that would require no more than bashing his head into the sink a couple of times, kicking him around and informing him that “I’m the Daddy now”.

Hey presto I now run my department.