iPhone Hands On

I’m at the Future of Web Apps conference today, more of which later, and have just had my first “play” with an iPhone and it is niiice. Very niiice…

Much smaller than it looks in photos, it feels marvellous in the hand. The screen is awesome and the UI… the UI is completely and utterly compelling. You just wanna play with it; zoom in, zoom out, flick through the music or the lists of contacts – hell just do stuff with it for the sake of it.

The only wrinkle I could see in my fairly brief play was potentially quite a big one – text entry. The keyboard is, I think, an acquired taste – everybody says you get used to it and essentially your body learns to use it. I hope so as I struggled; it probably took me 5 attempts to enter a URL.

So the big question… will I buy one?

Yes, but I’ll still wait for the 3G version.