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MobileMe Home

As I started reading Sebastiaan de With’s post on MobileMe Home I thought that at last MobileMe would actually be worth its rather high cost. But then I kept reading and realised that MobileMe Home is a concept from Sebastiaan and sadly not and addition to MobileMe. If Apple isn’t thinking of something like this then Continue Reading


I love Instapaper; it’s one of my most favourite and most used web and iPhone apps. Merlin Mann seems to quite like it also. Start using Instapaper today; you’ll thank me tomorrow.

Monetising Twitter Trending Topics

I don’t like or normally use the term “monetise”, but it is the big question hanging over Twitter; how are they gonna make money from this thing? We saw last week that Twitter have secured another found of funding described as “significant”, and so we assume that at some point these investors are going to Continue Reading

Helvetireader Icon For Fluid Redux

I love Jon Hicks’ Helvetireader theme for Google Reader especially as a Fluid app. Joshua Brewer created a brilliant icon for use with Helvetireader and Fluid which I have used since day 1. However of late the way the Hr icon sat with my other icons started to bug me; most dock icons are tilted Continue Reading

2008 Review

Yes, it’s that time of year; time for another of those unoriginal and I’m sure largely unread review posts. So without further ado I give you my review of books and music for 2008. Books Since I stopped commuting by train my reading time has reduced markedly; I try to read at night but invariably Continue Reading

Google Adds Tasks to Gmail

You may have seen the news that Google has added a tasks application to its Gmail email service.Well the even better news is that since they recently added Google Labs to Google Apps email I get to play with it also. I’ve tried a number of task apps over the years and not found one Continue Reading