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Advert Of The (Previous) Decade

Viewers of the UK TV station ITV have voted for the advert of the decade, even though technically this decade doesn’t end until the end of 2010, but what’s another year between friends. The winner was the excellent ‘Go On Lad’ from Hovis: I was going to challenge this, and say that they were wrong, allContinue Reading ›

Can’t Read Can’t Write

I’ve just watched the first episode of Can’t Read Can’t Write a new documentary series on Channel 4. The series follows a group of adults aged between 21 and 58 that can’t as the title says read or write. I am shocked and disgusted that a person can be allowed to leave school without evenContinue Reading ›

Fire Up The Quattro!

I loved the BBC TV series Life on Mars with it’s wonderful blend of psychological drama, 70s “style”, classic British cops and robbers, a brilliant soundtrack and of course the introduction of the now legendary Gene Hunt. When I heard there would be a spin off from Life on Mars called Ashes to Ashes (doContinue Reading ›

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Did you see the Chili Peppers on Jonathan Ross (BBC 1 UK) on Friday night? Simply superb. They played their new single ‘Dani California’, which is really rather good, then followed it with one of my all time favourite Chili Peppers tracks ‘Give It Away’. They were quite frankly awesome – the best live bandContinue Reading ›