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Power = Knowledge

I am what is known as a “knowledge worker“. I don’t make or create anything tangible; in the old days I might have been called a “paper pusher”, these days “pixel pusher” is more accurate. I’m employed for my expertise and experience, and for my leadership and management skills – all rather cerebral and intangible. Today I am working from home as we are having a smart meter fitted, which means no electricity and therefore no internet connection. The removal of power and connectivity suggests that rather than knowledge being power, power is in fact knowledge (work). Modern (knowledge) working is absolutely dependent upon computers and the internet and therefore electricity. Electricity is the new steam in the post-Industrial Revolution world of work.

Distraction Sickness – Part Two

Earlier this year I took my daughter to the National Gallery in London, which houses one the most amazing collections of pre-Twentieth Century art in the world. Surrounded by incredible art from Van Gogh, Turner, Monet, Matisse, Cezanne, Vermeer to name just a few favourites an inexplicable number of visitors seemed more intent on the virtual world of their smartphones… But there was an even more peculiar behaviour that my daughter and I christened Pokéart. Time and again we’d see a visitor walk up to a work of art, take a picture on their phone and walk off; spending no time looking at the painting with their own eyes. I didn’t ‘get’ Van Gogh until I saw his paintings at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The contours, ridges, swirls and sheer depth in the paint applied by Van Gogh has to be seen to be truly appreciated. Seeing them in two dimensions on a print or a screen does not doContinue Reading ›

Distraction Sickness

Just look around you — at the people crouched over their phones as they walk the streets, or drive their cars, or walk their dogs, or play with their children. Observe yourself in line for coffee, or in a quick work break, or driving, or even just going to the bathroom. Visit an airport and see the sea of craned necks and dead eyes. We have gone from looking up and around to constantly looking down. – Andrew Sullivan – My Distraction Sickness and Yours

Welcome to Cornwall

Obviously Photoshopped but also so very true. Cornwall is one of my favourite places and to me the almost complete lack of phone and data coverage is a feature not an issue.

Setting Up Visual Voicemail On EE

I’d always assumed that visual voicemail was an Apple invention, I hadn’t come across it before the launch of the iPhone and it seemed a classically Apple solution to a terrible experience, however Wikipedia suggests it predated the iPhone by some years. But I digress, can you digress in the first paragraph? Anyway, we continue… When the iPhone launched in the UK it was exclusive to the O2 network, and my iPhone had been on O2 since the iPhone hit these shores in 2007. Unfortunately O2’s network has been overtaken by its competitors as the UK moves to 4G coverage and so last year I moved to EE. Whilst I love EE’s coverage and speed I really missed visual voicemail, and tweeted to that end last week. I got a reply from O2 saying they missed me, um gee thanks, and from EE with a link to an article with instructions for enabling visual voicemail on your iPhone. Why on earthContinue Reading ›