Setting Up Visual Voicemail On EE

visual voicemail on ee

I’d always assumed that visual voicemail was an Apple invention, I hadn’t come across it before the launch of the iPhone and it seemed a classically Apple solution to a terrible experience, however Wikipedia suggests it predated the iPhone by some years. But I digress, can you digress in the first paragraph? Anyway, we continue…

When the iPhone launched in the UK it was exclusive to the O2 network, and my iPhone had been on O2 since the iPhone hit these shores in 2007. Unfortunately O2’s network has been overtaken by its competitors as the UK moves to 4G coverage and so last year I moved to EE.

Whilst I love EE’s coverage and speed I really missed visual voicemail, and tweeted to that end last week. I got a reply from O2 saying they missed me, um gee thanks, and from EE with a link to an article with instructions for enabling visual voicemail on your iPhone.

Why on earth this isn’t standard I cannot fathom, but all it takes to switch it on is texting ‘iPhone visual’ to 150 and et voila visual voicemail. Perfect.

Visual voicemail also works really nicely with my Apple Watch, so now I can listen to and manage my messages from the comfort of my wrist.