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Field Notes – From Seed

I love Field Notes, and I love Draplin, and this is just wonderful. I have a ‘thing’ for early 20th century American graphic design; I love the bold flat colours, the typography with it’s mix of slab and script typefaces, and the wonderfully simple yet incredibly strong logos. The Field Notes Memo Archive is anContinue Reading ›

Now Intel Is Challenging Psion Netbook Claim

Intel are joining Dell in challenging Psion’s claim to the netbook trademark. I realise that Dell and Intel’s motives are purely commercial, but I dislike the patent and trademark litigation culture that has grown alongside the technology industry. I agree wholeheartedly that companies ideas and designs should be protected but only when their claims areContinue Reading ›

Psion and the netBook Trademark

As an ex-Psion employee I was disappointed and a little saddened to learn of Psion’s spurious trademark claim to the word netbook. Psion were once a great technology company practically inventing the PDA , creating some classic hardware designs and creating the operating system that powers a huge proporation of today’s smartphones: Symbian. Psion launchedContinue Reading ›

Optimisation Prime

Recently I decided to take this blog a little more seriously, and part of that has been to see where my visitors were coming from and to try and increase my visitor numbers. Google Analytics reports that 57% of the visitors to david arrived from a search engine: That’s a HUGE proportion from Google,Continue Reading ›

Is Social Media the New Marketplace?

Earlier today I mentioned on Twitter that I was going to sell my Samsung NC10 as I’ve bought a MacBook Air. I wasn’t really expecting a response, but within minutes I had an email from somebody interested in it; a few emails later the funds are in my PayPal account and my Samsung is readyContinue Reading ›

Fuel Conference

I was intrigued by Carsonified’s latest conference FUEL when it was announced as it seemed to span personal and professional interests – looking at both the power of community and the power of cloud computing and how companies can use both to fuel their business. FUEL took place last Friday and was one of theContinue Reading ›