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Fuel Conference

I was intrigued by Carsonified’s latest conference FUEL when it was announced as it seemed to span personal and professional interests – looking at both the power of community and the power of cloud computing and how companies can use both to fuel their business. FUEL took place last Friday and was one of theContinue Reading ›

Make My Logo Bigger!!!

This is for every designer and marketeer that has had to work with less “enlightened” colleagues and clients. So true and so funny… Make My Logo Bigger!!!

Product Placement Gone Mad

I saw the new Fantastic Four film last night which was pretty good. There was the usual blatant product placement all over it but one piece just left me open mouthed. Mr Fantastic builds a very funky FantasticFourmobile, flying, jet, ship thing which has a Dodge grill and Dodge seats. WTF? Yes, Dodge as inContinue Reading ›