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What Is Twitter?

I love Twitter, and I’ve tried to spread that love far and wide. A question I’ve been asked by many is “what is Twitter?”. It’s not an easy to question to answer as it can be many things to many people, and what it is to you really depends upon what you want from it.Continue Reading ›

I See Dead People

More brilliance from The Rut

That’s How I Roll

Brilliant cartoon from The Rut. Via Hicksdesign

Let My People Go Surfing

A tweet from Ryan Carson yesterday, led me to Howies about page; a page which Ryan described as “inspiring” and I can see why. There are two sections of Howies our beliefs page that I think are fantastic: The rocking chair test Every product we make has passed the ‘rocking chair test’. This is somethingContinue Reading ›

Make My Logo Bigger!!!

This is for every designer and marketeer that has had to work with less “enlightened” colleagues and clients. So true and so funny… Make My Logo Bigger!!!