Web 2.0 Thinking Game

Zeldman has a great post on what Web 2.0 means to different journalists and the wider interwebosphere™.

He’s created a great Web 2.0 thinking game to illustrate Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0; here are a few examples:

Web 1.0: AOL buys Time Warner.
Web 2.0: Google buys YouTube.

Put another way:

Web 1.0: New media company buys old media company.
Web 2.0: New media company buys new media company.

A few more examples:

Web 1.0: Writing.
Web 2.0: Rating.

Web 1.0: Karma Points.
Web 2.0: Diggs.

Web 1.0: Cool Site of the Day.
Web 2.0: Technorati.com.

Web 1.0: Tags.
Web 2.0: “Tags.”

Web 1.0: Bookmarking.
Web 2.0: Bookmark sharing.

Web 1.0: Pointless Flash widgets.
Web 2.0: Pointless “Ajax” widgets.

Head over to Zeldman now… the comments are very funny