It’s Official

As widely rumoured, discussed and let’s face it expected, the iPhone for the UK was announced on O2 this morning at the London Apple Store.

The main points:

  • Available November 9 2007
  • £269 on an 18 month contract (ok)
  • Tariffs £35, £45 and £55 per month – all include unlimited data. (good)
  • EDGE only (no 3g) – O2 claim 30% EDGE availability at time of launch* (disappointing)
  • Access to 7,000 WiFi hotspots from The Cloud included with contract (cool)

Will I be buying one? Nope I don’t think I will. Think I’ll wait for the 3G version – which I expect to be out in H2 08 – about the time my contract ends…

* O2 are clearly rolling out EDGE already – as of last week, I have EDGE access at my home.