A Germ of an Idea?

I have often thought that I would like to write a novel or a short story but until recently I had not had a story idea that I could develop beyond just an idea or that was not just a clone of a Neal Stephenson or William Gibson story.

Well two weeks ago I think I had that idea. A germ of an idea that hopefully has potential to develop. That potential would seem to be confirmed by a rail journey to work last week where a whole stream of ideas, concepts and scenarios flooded into my mind; so much so I had to buy a notebook at the station so I didn’t lose them.

So I have these great ideas but still not real plot or characters. I have a loose concept for the plot but can’t quite work out how to develop into a full plot.

I think there is a main character lurking in my unconscious just waiting for the right moment.

I guess I need to sit down and really think about this and try to promote more ideas…