The Lure of Pixels

In my now sadly lost article “The lure of pixels” I outlined my reasons for ditching my paper organiser and returning to a digital one.

There was one reason I left out or perhaps have only just become conscious of – my OCD tendencies.

I hate that after a couple of changed arrangements in my diary pages it looks really scruffy with Tippex or badly erased pencil markings. I have to say I like the ‘delete’ function of a digital organiser.

I’ve also been thinking about what I want from a PDA and have remembered that I am not a power user, that my work diary stays at work now and so I just want my contacts, my personal diary, email and the ability to use other programs as I need to such as mapping.

I also want something that I can carry with me easily. I want a device I can stick in my pocket when meeting a friend for lunch and not feel like a geek.

Thinking this through I realise that the latest generation of Smartphones are the perfect device (if such a thing exists) for me.

Discussing this with a friend at Motorola he has very generously offered me the new (not actually out yet) Motorola MPX 220.

The MPX 220 is Moto’s new Microsoft Smartphone and having seen one already I have to tell you I’m very excited.

I used the MPX 200 when it came out and really liked it but two shortcomings in the Microsoft OS stopped me from using one; no Bluetooth and only a single email account could be set-up. Both of these issues have been addressed in Windows Mobile 2003 that the MPX 220 runs and Moto have added a 1.3 mega pixel camera to the equation.

Watch this space for more news and my initial thoughts.