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All My Data Are Belong to Google?

Google’s stated mission is “to organise the world’s data” well it’s dawned on me that they are doing a jolly good job with mine… I’ve been Google as my search engine since it was launched. I’ve been using Gmail as my secondary email account for a year or two. I use GoogleTalk as my mainContinue Reading ›

Web 2.0 Thinking Game

Zeldman has a great post on what Web 2.0 means to different journalists and the wider interwebosphere™. He’s created a great Web 2.0 thinking game to illustrate Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0; here are a few examples: Web 1.0: AOL buys Time Warner. Web 2.0: Google buys YouTube. Put another way: Web 1.0: New mediaContinue Reading ›

Corporate Blogs

I’ve worked in two companies now where the idea of a blog has been mooted. I think corporate blogs are, on the whole, a terrible idea. Unless genuinely written by an employee (who says it has to be an executive after all) with ability, charisma and genuine interest in blogging they are going to beContinue Reading ›


I’ve recently found and been enjoying this excellent blog so I thought I’d draw your attention to it. gapingvoid is the blog of Hugh MacLeod and is centred around his cartoons drawn on the back of a business cards. In addition to Hugh’s great cartoons he also posts some very interesting observations; I thought hisContinue Reading ›