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London Bomb Attacks #3

We were finally allowed out of the building around 15:30 shortly after the news that Euston station had reopened. There was no other way across London other than to walk which is what I did. Clutching my A to Z I walked past Buckingham Palace and the Mall decked out in Union Jack flags toContinue Reading ›

London Bomb Attacks #2

I’m feeling sick at the moment. My geography of London is rather poor and I was actually quite proud to have found my way almost to where I work. I’ve just seen a news report showing where the bomb blasts were. I could of easily walked out of Euston and straight down towards Russel SquareContinue Reading ›

London Bomb Attacks

I commute into London on a daily basis. I arrived at Euston station just after 9am this morning to find them shutting the underground station access and telling us that the main underground lines are shut for the day. I realised from this that it might be a big problem or alert but wished thatContinue Reading ›