London Bomb Attacks #3

We were finally allowed out of the building around 15:30 shortly after the news that Euston station had reopened.

There was no other way across London other than to walk which is what I did.

Clutching my A to Z I walked past Buckingham Palace and the Mall decked out in Union Jack flags to celebrate the end of WW2. Then up through St James and into a strangely quiet Regents Street.

For those that haven’t been to London Regents Street is one of the main shopping streets and usually exceptionally busy with both people and traffic. Today there were no busses, no taxis and only the odd car.

I was reminded of War Of The Worlds with people fleeing London in a ‘mass exodus’.

As I got closer to Euston the crowds of people walking become greater as they funnelled into the street leading to the station.

I was expecting chaos at the station and a long wait for a train, but it couldn’t have been more different; I stepped straight onto a train and was home in 35 minutes.

It was a monumental day in many many ways.

A day that makes you realise or reinforce who and what is precious to you.

A day that reminds you who your friends are – the ones you want to tell you are safe first.

A day that makes you consider your future.