London Bomb Attacks

I commute into London on a daily basis.

I arrived at Euston station just after 9am this morning to find them shutting the underground station access and telling us that the main underground lines are shut for the day.

I realised from this that it might be a big problem or alert but wished that I had known then how bad it was so that I could have turned around and gone home.

I decided that queuing for a cab inside a station during a possible security situation would be a bad idea and so thought I’d start walking and look for a cab on the street.

I got as far as St James Palace before I finally got a cab and started to learn what had happened from my cabby.

I’m now in my work building in Victoria and we’re being told not to leave the building.

The tube, busses and overland trains are all stopped.

At this point getting home may be difficult so we have booked hotel rooms just in case.

I feel very distant and isolated from my family who are safely 50 miles north of London.

As I was walking I tried repeatedly to call or text my wife but could not get anything through. When I finally got to the office and spoke to her she was in tears of relief.

Today is not a good day.