Writers Block

This isn’t one of those “sorry for not blogging for a while, I’ll be back soon” posts but it is a distant relative.

I rather think that I must be coming down with a case of writers block; I just don’t seem to have anything I feel the need to write about at the moment. Thank heavens I don’t have an Editor or Publisher breathing down my neck, that must be awful.

I do also wonder if Twitter may be a contributing factor as many of my rants and mind farts end up there now rather than here. However, that is possibly a good thing and it should keep the quality up but at the expense of quantity of course.

Merlin Mann recently posted a piece on what makes for a good blog and the underlying theme was passion. The great bloggers, and I use that  term rather than A-list which I hate and so many of the A-list are far from great, appear to be driven to write and to post; as you and I need to breathe so they need to write.

So possibly my passion is for ranting about people and things and that now has the outlet of Twitter which is so much more immediate. Or maybe, just maybe I simply have nothing (of value) to say right now.

Edit – The other problem is that I think of ideas for posts but then forget them just as quickly again… note to self must carry paper and pencil at all times.