Weeknote 8th October 2023

Mug of tea and toasted tea cake with a copy of The Road Rat in the garden. Weeknote 8 October 2023.I want to get back to writing and publishing, I thought about resurrecting my newsletter but it never gained any real traction, mostly due to my rather ad hoc publishing approach I suspect.

I’ve recently seen a couple of bloggers using weeknotes and feel that could be a nice framework without any self imposed pressure or expectations. Time will tell…

Synthfest 2023

My son and I headed up to Sheffield (the spiritual home of electronic music?) on Saturday for Synthfest 2023. Synthfest has become a bit of a tradition and it was lovely to be back after a Covid induced hiatus.

The unexpected highlight of the show for us both was a seminar on the Theremin including a performance by Lydia Kavina who was taught to play by Leon Theremin himself.