Weeknote 10th December 2023

I was in London for a Christmas event with a supplier on Tuesday evening. The event took place at a rooftop bar deep in the City of London – a venue I imagine would be fabulous in the summer months.

As I made my way there in a cab I noticed the names and offices of very big, very global companies that occupy the square mile and became aware of a feeling of envy of the people that work for those firms.

Not because of the companies themselves and the assumed rewards of working for such beasts, but because I’ve never felt the desire to do so. The desire to work my up in a business or an industry, the desire to suck up to the boss and to compete with my peers. I’ve never seen the attraction or felt the desire to do so. On that dark night in the City of London I wondered how my life might be now if I had.

On Thursday I co-hosted the 46th MK Geek Night, this time at a new venue The South Central Institute of Technology at MK College, Bletchley. We had the usual new venue teething problems but they were quickly ironed out and we had a great evening.

Two great talks from AJ & Ceb and my friend Documentally, superb food from the college brasserie and excellent beer from local brewer GRID Beer Project.

On Saturday we headed down to Oxford for the Oxford Triangle of coffee at Society, lunch at Mowgli Street Food and hot chocolate at Knoops.

It’s notable the impact the new modern shopping centre has had on Oxford with many empty shops on the old High Street and a feeling of slow decline and decay, not helped by the constant stream of old diesel buses that rattle through Oxford constantly.