The Spy Who Loved Me Opening Sequence

When I was seven my Mum and I spent a weekend with my Aunt and Uncle at their flat in Harrow. My Uncle was evidently tasked with entertaining me whilst my Mum caught up with her sister and he wisely decided upon the cinema.

We were queueing to buy our tickets for a long forgotten Disney film which may explain the look of palpable relief on my Uncle’s face when I pointed to the The Spy Who Loved Me poster and said “I want to see that!”. Tickets were  bought, and back we went that evening to join a queue that wrapped right around the cinema.

This was the first Bond film I saw on the big screen, I remember a fabulous building with a screen twice the size of our local cinemas. But my strongest and fondest memory is of the now famous opening sequence, and a riotous round of applause and cheers from the audience as Bond’s parachute unfurled to reveal the Union Jack.

Now that’s how cinema should be.