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The Essence of Muji In a Building

Muji are currently showing a fabulous new range of minimalist “huts” at a pop-up show in Tokyo. The medium sized, Scandinavian feeling hut, designed by regular Muji designer Naoto Fukasawa would make the perfect garden office. Imagine sitting there on a crisp cold day with the wood burning stove crackling away, a glass of Talisker in hand looking out overContinue Reading ›

Lost In Translation

This image visualises Lost In Translation beautifully; I want this as a poster now. Update: Having searched around this appears to be the original image, which is not available as a poster sadly.

Dedicated to the City

I was talking with a friend recently about cities; their similarities, their differences and what defines them. It struck me that cities are so much more than places and people; cities themselves have their own character and personality. It is this character, this personality that makes a city almost like a person. As with peopleContinue Reading ›

Jet Lag Isn’t Fun

I’ve been home from Tokyo for almost a week now and still I’m finding myself falling asleep, or resisting falling asleep, around 8pm and then unable to stay asleep beyond 4 or 5am. I’ve never had bad jet lag before and I have to say that I don’t like it. I didn’t suffer from jetContinue Reading ›

Tokyo : Day 1

My flight was very good. I only watched two films as the film selection was rather uninspiring: 40 Year Old Virgin (6 out of 10) and Mr and Mrs Smith (5 out of 10). We arrived at our hotel early afternoon on Saturday and decided to have a few hours sleep and then to headContinue Reading ›

Tokyo : Day 0

OK so I’m on my way to Tokyo – I’m currently sitting in the Virgin Clubhouse waiting for my flight to be called. It’s been a hell of week getting ready for this trip but we are as ready as we’re gonna be; I just hope our Japan team is. With perfect timing I haveContinue Reading ›