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All My RSS Are Belong To Me

Bah, grr and buggeration. In a momentary brain fade I’ve managed to delete the Google account associated with my Feedburner feed and can no longer access it. However every cloud has a silver lining, and this error presents me with an opportunity to move more of my data back into my control; something I’ve beenContinue Reading ›


Jon Hicks has just launched Helvetireader a wonderfully minimalist yet superbly usable theme for Google Reader. I’ve used Google Reader as my RSS application of choice despite it’s rather cluttered and ugly interface; I mean what is it with Google and pale blue? Anyway, I’ve tried the Better GReader plug-in and a few other themesContinue Reading ›

All My Data Are Belong to Google?

Google’s stated mission is “to organise the world’s data” well it’s dawned on me that they are doing a jolly good job with mine… I’ve been Google as my search engine since it was launched. I’ve been using Gmail as my secondary email account for a year or two. I use GoogleTalk as my mainContinue Reading ›